6 Top Challenges Facing A Network Marketers

Wouldn’t life be boring if there were no challenges associated with it?

It is challenges and obstacles to overcome that make life interesting. And in business, challenges and obstacles are a normal part of the equation. But each business has its own challenges and network marketers have some unique challenges they must face and overcome.

While we cannot possibly define every challenge that may “fall” in your MLM path, I have determined the top 6 challenges network marketers must face.

Here they are and some methods of overcoming them.

Challenges #1: Getting Leads

This most definitely is one of the top challenges facing network marketers. But the fact is, it shouldn’t be. Technology has given us a huge advantage that many in day’s past did not have.

It is my opinion that fear holds many people back from getting leads. Stay in tune with Rocket Recruiting and you will learn some easy ways to get leads.

Challenges #2: Retaining The People You Do Recruit

I absolutely love what Ray Higdon has to say about retention… He hates that word!

Why are we so worried about retention? If your thought is on retaining your recruits, you are probably going about it wrong.

  • Do spouses think about retaining their husband/wife?
  • Or employers, do they just think about retaining workers?
  • Etc…

A spouse goes beyond the retention thoughts and moves to the adoration and making their husband or wife happy. If all they are doing is thinking retain, they have probably already lost them.

The same thing works with employers; employees want to be treated with respect and care. Just trying to retain them will send them to the next job.

Instead of thinking about retention, give your recruits the training they need to succeed. Retention will just fall into place if you do what you should be doing as a leader.

Challenges #3: Rejection

One of the biggest issues we hear from network marketers is the word NO. When they are rejected.

But, everyone faces rejection at some point in life… actually at multiple points in life.

Rejection can seem like the end of the world. But if we only look with a different view point, we will realize that in the majority of cases, the person is not rejecting us as a person, they are rejecting their own abilities.

There are many reasons a person may say no, but when you understand that when they say no, it usually means not now or I’m scared or I cannot do it.

Just smile and accept the no and move on. If you use the “it’s okay to say no” strategy, those same people will certainly wonder why you did not pressure them.

Challenges #4: Your History

Naturally, these thoughts will come from your warm market. One of the best ways to approach this challenge is by using 3rd party tools. Allowing these people to watch a video or listen to a CD will help them understand that you have found a viable business opportunity.

Sometimes our past can haunt us. When you approach people do you get the impression they are talking about how you did this and failed, or did that and it went wrong.

And using your sponsor and/or upline is wise in this situation too.

Challenges #5: Work/Life Balance

Finding that balance can be one of the biggest challenges. But you don’t have to allow your MLM business to take over. Prospecting can be done while you are out and about enjoying life.

Also, making a daily plan can give you a road map so you do not neglect one priority for another.

Challenges #6: Duplication

Training your new recruits properly can always be challenging. Yes, you may find a recruiting system that works for you but if your recruits cannot duplicate that system, it really is no use using it. You must use a system that you can easily show your recruits who can show their recruits, so on and so forth.


These top 6 challenges need not be a threat. They are really easy to overcome if you keep a positive frame of mind.

Just keep moving forward and you will find success.

Remember, challenges make life fun… So have fun and overcome!

To The Top!

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