4 Tips On Dealing With Negative Reactions To Network Marketing

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Just Google MLM or Network Marketing and you can find a lot of negatives. The industry does have its share of haters some tried and failed or even got hooked up with a MLM company that went “belly up” or worse yet, was closed down because of illegal actions.

But we’re not here today to talk about that. What we do want to do is give you some insight and tips on how to deal with any person you approach and starts reacting negatively because they have read some of those websites or blogs that are haters.

Some network marketing leaders may tell you to just walk away, but it is my belief that you should give it a go and in doing so, maybe you can “leave a better taste in their mouth” about network marketing.

So here are 4 tips on dealing with negative reactions to network marketing, direct sales or MLM.

Dealing With Negative Reactions Tip #1: Take A Look At Your Methods

The first thing you need to look at is yourself.

Is there something you possibly did to get this reaction?

  • Did you give a used car salesman type of approach?
  • Did you interrupt him/her while they were doing or talking to someone else?
  • Is your breath bad?

I doubt your breath is bad, but what I am getting at is, sometimes we can come off in high pressure or desperate ways that will immediately turn a person off.

Keep in mind that not only do you represent your own network marketing business, you also represent the company and the MLM industry as a whole.

But do keep in mind that sometimes the negativity has nothing to do with you as a person or your tactics.

Dealing With Negative Reactions Tip #2: Educate Yourself

Normally, I will tell you to stay clear of negatives, but this is one case where I will deviate from that. First off, Google your MLM company and read all the negative posts on the first 2 pages of Google.

You will find that many may have the word Scam in the title and often, these posts are not negative about the company, but it is a marketing technique they use to sell you their deal.

But read up on what your prospects may be reading and this will give you a way to alleviate their fears or apprehension. In most cases, the people writing these reviews have never tried the products or business and are just going by hearsay or even making things up.

You may even be able to find statements in your company’s website or elsewhere that will counter the statements on the negative website.

Dealing With Negative Reactions Tip #3: The Pyramid Reaction

Talk to any network marketing “hater” and the term pyramid will come out quickly. The thing is, they really don’t know what hey are saying because nearly everything works on a pyramid. The only time a pyramid is wrong is when the people at the bottom of the pyramid have no way to rise higher or make money.

If all pyramids are wrong, I guess we should make the United States government illegal too. Because it is in the form of a pyramid too.

It will never come out well if you choose to argue with negative people. I say, simply point out the facts and if they still choose to be negative, just smile, wish them a great day and move on.

Dealing With Negative Reactions Tip #4: Don’t Argue

I really love what Ray Higdon says on this subject… He puts it in the aspect of us leaving a hot-dog on the floor and wondering why the dog ate it. You really can’t get angry with the dog.

You can’t get angry with negative people either. That is just the way they are and you do not have the power to change that unless they want to change. So give them the facts and see the reaction. If it continues down a negative path, it is probably time for you to move up your positive path away from them.


You WILL have negative reactions in network marketing. Expect it and learn to not allow other people’s reactions control you. You have the path to financial freedom… Follow it.

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